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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Funnies

Dutch humor is different in many ways from American humor. Actually with the prevalence of flatulence and other off-color subjects it may be close to the humor of all 10-year old boys. However, at times there are some really funny advertisements and some of the best use the tag line "Even Apeldoorn bellen". As the literal translation "Call Apeldoorn" doesn't mean anything outside of the Netherlands, you must understand that all the call centers for the insurance providers of accident, household, casualty, theft, travel, etc. insurance are located in a city in the far north of the Netherlands, Apeldoorn. The insurance companies got together a long time ago to develop an ad campaign to remind people to get insurance and pay their fees and make their claims, and instead of saying " Time to call the insurance company" they said "Even Apeldoorn bellen".

With this information you can now visit the website which contains all the award-winning television advertisements of the collective insurance group, most of which require no further translation. Some of my favorites are : Vlieg (Fly), Balletje (Ball), Gorilla, Museum, Cementmixer...I could go on. But these choices give you an idea of my twisted sense of humor. Find your own favorites!

Happy Sunday!


anno said...

Curses! My ISP chokes, gasps, sputters, and drops at any attempt to download these.

Also, it looks like I need to refresh my Dutch.

They look promising, though. Very promising.

Fourier Analyst said...

When you click on the commercial you want, at the bottom of the screen it lets you choose between "Modem" and "ADSL" (Breedband). If you have a slower connection, choose the modem button (on the left). Maybe that helps! There are so many Anno that they will keep you in stitches for a while. Some of them are very "Dutch" but should still be understandable. The explanations below each one are info about when it was filmed, what awards it got, etc. "Smakkelijk Kijken!"