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Monday, July 9, 2007

Blame it on Mom

Flashback 21+ years
I wasn't looking for a job in Germany. I was just bored with my present position, and at a decision point about continuing for my PhD, and a headhunter happened to call. I thought, why not go for the interview, polish up my resume and job-seeking skills. Two years in Germany? Nah! Not really interested. But as my CV was such an ideal match with 4 years of college German, the headhunter flattered me into meeting with the company rep.

And suddenly I found myself wooed and praised and tempted with a great financial package and the idea of a 2-year European adventure. To top it off, my only semi-serious relationship was in a holding pattern. My 29th birthday was approaching and I could not imagine myself finding a similar opportunity 5 years down the road. Or find my personal situation any more accommodating that it was at the time. So I went for it. Got my passport, put the furniture in storage, loaned my car to my Dad to sell, put my house up for rent, brought my cat to my Mom's and I was all set for my big adventure. My friends could not believe it. My best girlfriend from high school was in shock. But I needed this. I wanted to stretch myself and challenge myself and after all, I figured I could stand anything for 2 years.

So at the airport, with Mom in tears at her "baby" going so far away, her parting words to me were "Now don't you go over there and fall in love with a German!".

And we all know that the rebellious streak in us that causes us to pull away from our parents also almost forces us to do the opposite of what our mother's tell us.

She knows it's her fault...


Jenn in Holland said...

And the rest, as they say, is history, right?
Can't wait for the rest of the story...

soccer mom in denial said...

Isn't it always the mom's fault? And now that you are a mom, isn't it really true?

Nice job, Ms. M!!!

[Knew we were meant to know each other. Just knew it. AND I've added you to my blog list. No more lurking for you.]