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Friday, July 13, 2007

Fifteen online quizzes to help my child "Find Herself"

Yesterday I dealt with a pre-teen crisis (see previous blog entry). After the heavy discussion we talked about an on-line personality quiz that her friends were talking about. As I oversee most of her online activities, I promised to look at it and let her try out a few of these, with the caution that they are fun and not to be really taken seriously. Then I cam across another one from one of my blog friends and decided this was a good 15 topic!

1) As I was catching up reading posts from a number of blogfriends, I came across this link and couldn't resist taking the test. This is the result:
You Are 88% Texas

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit. This ain't your first rodeo!
Thanks DangerDoll! It only goes to show you I will go to no ends to try and help my child!

Thought this might be a lighthearted way to help her come up with some answers, so here are more such links:

2) Are you a Fake Girl?

3) What Superheroine Are You?

4) Has American Culture Ruined You?

5) What's Your Hidden Talent?

6) What's Your Geek Decade?

7) What's Your HTML Color?

8) What Would Hogwarts Boys/Girls Think of You?

9) Are You Too Hard On Yourself?

10) What Color is Your Soul Painted?

11) What American Accent Do You Have?

12) Where Is Your Spirit Craving To Take You To?

13) Which Star Wars Jedi/Sith Are You?

14) Which Pirate of the Carribean Are You?

and 15) What Type of Candy Are You?

I hope this helps cheer her up and gives you a smile!


Marianne Arkins said...

I'm so not looking forward to the teen years -- WAY too much angst.

Those are some great quizzes, though. I may have to steal one or two.

Jenn in Holland said...

Girl! I am 76% Texan! Yeee-haw! That's not bad considering I didn't spend my formative years as a Texan (though I did do a lot of 'growing up'in Texas)
However, my kids tell me when I am with you, I suddenly become 100% Texan! hehe.
How can I help that?
I'm fixin' to go see some of them other tests now.
(Emma is going to love them!)

Csara said...

Those online quizzes are always funny. Cute list!

anno said...

Only 4% Texan here. Guess you'll have to refer to me as "that damn yankee!" Great quizzes!

Jen said...

Thanks so much for the quizzes! I'm working on a YA novel right now, and these may be just what the doctor ordered - I think I'm going to put a couple of my characters through the paces here!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Thank God I have boys LOL What a cute way to go about trying to help your daughter. I hope she enjoyed the quizes.

Adventures aka Real Life Drama Queen