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Monday, February 11, 2008

Strangers on the Net...

My second entry into ...

(an inspiration of SMID) !!

(Sung to the tune of Strangers in the Night, apologies to English lyricists Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder)

Strangers on the Net, exchanging emails,
They had never met, but knew such details
Of each others lives and common points of view.

Something in those blogs was so inviting,
And those lovely photos were so exciting,
They started a blog that now is run by two.

Strangers on the Net,
Two busy mothers they were Strangers on the Net,
Up to the moment that they said their first hellos, little did they know,
Amazing Guy would play a part,
A trip to Holland was in the cards.


Now they're truly friends, blogging together,
Photos without end, comments about weather.
It gets better yet for Strangers on the Net!


We had entirely too much fun!! Have you ever met someone that you felt you had known for ages? That's how I felt when I first met Jenn-in Holland. And that's how I feel about SMID. I was going to meet Jenn for a shopping-and-gossiping afternoon. And she showed up with a friend in tow!! Whee-hee! We had a blast. And she brought along some sunshine, which we haven't seen here in a while. My face hurts from the smiling and giggling we did. And those 2 shutterbugs went crazy on the tour I gave them of my favorite photo ops (it seems we all share a sense of the odd and absurd!) Want to see what we saw? Check out their photoblog in the coming weeks (a pair of those shoes in today's photo are gonna be mine!!).

And of course check out the other links on this fabulous Music Monday!


Jenn in Holland said...

You are completely BRILLIANT babe! That is hilarious. But oh, how I wish it was accompanied by a video of you singing the new lyrics!

Soon, we'll get together for that shopping trip, but seriously? Wasn't it GREAT to be SURPRISED????

Wholly Burble said...

I agree with Jenn--where's the video? GREAT lyrics--I'm wanting a CD so I can play it again and again--it fits perfectly.

And according to my pastor, I'm not allowed to be envious--however, I can be pleased as punch for all of you--and then say a little prayer maybe one day I'll be there getting hugs too!

Flower Child said...

you truly have a way with words

Mariposa said...

Love the new

Anonymous said...

Pure genius! I love your version of the song... and here I go now to Looking Into

Hilary said...

Love it! Wow, I am jealous. One day I would love a tour of the Netherlands.

Kate said...

i knew you were writing about Jenn and Allison!!!!! I'm so thrilled i didn't know you saw them too!! I work with Jenn and thats how i got into this blog - malarky!! She is wonderful isn't she and i instantly got on with Allison too... i know exactly what you mean about feeling like you have known her forever and i have to say, i don't know what i would do without her now!!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

So now songwriting is yet another of your talents? Wonderful! ;-)

Emma Sometimes said...

Frank would be so proud!!

Leslie said...

Ah, I love this Music Monday! You're quite the lyricist!