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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Early Signs of Dementia...?

It is almost Friday. I had completely spaced out about the Haiku Buckaroo Two Contest.

And while I have managed to come up with a few e-mail haikus, they don't count if they are not on my blog, and maybe you have missed them so for the sake of true public embarassment, I share them here. (If you don't want to spoil your image of me, please skip to the next blog in your reader!)

I'm so far behind...
Cannot think about contests.
Haiku is too hard!

Okay, so this is
My "Haiku Excuse" entry
Does it qualify?

I'll forward to Les.
She'll understand won't she?
I'm a bad blog-friend ;(

Why even bother?
Jami's better anyway.
Oh, she's not playing?!

Happy Valentine's!
Tired brain going Hai-ku-ckoo.
Why do I do this?


anno said...

Oh pooh! You do it
Because it is wonderful
Don't be so silly!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You saw my response via e-mail. I'm too tired to even think of a snappy response here. I'm hoping D enters, though.

And okay, Anno - where's your entry? Hmmmmm???? ;-)

Goofball said...

hey, I didn't realise there was a contest until reading your post...I might enter tonight. Last minute is still in, right?

Jenn in Holland said...

Hi ya, Haiku-koo!
you have been prolific
with the syllables

Jenn in Holland said...

shoot, that should say SO prolific. Then it's seven....

silly me. Apparently, can't count tonight.

Leslie said...

Oh, I loved your haiku! I feel like such a Poo Poo Head for not getting over her sooner to tell you so. I'm trying (and failing miserably) to stay on top of things. But, better late than never, right?

Thank you so much for entering!!!