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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Second Impressions

Conversations Monday morning.

DD2: "Mom, are you going to a party?

"No. I'm going to see someone at the airport."

Later, downstairs...

DD2:"Mom, what are all those things in the bag on the table?"

"Those are some presents for my friend."

DD2: "I knew you were going to a party!"

DH:"You're getting dressed up and putting on make-up to go to the airport?"

"Yes, I want to look nice and make a good impression."

DH: "But she has seen you already."

"Yes, but I was in my usual Mommy outfit and did not do anything to my face when I met her because I didn't know I was going to be seeing her for the first time. And I believe that second impressions are as important as first ones."

DH: "She's not going to recognize you."

The air temperature in the room suddenly drops 10 degrees as I give him one of my I-can't- believe-you-just-said-that stares.

DH "I guess I should not have said that."

"It's okay. Second chances are also important."

DH: "Well, you look very nice sweetheart."


Ever have a friend who could insult you, question your honesty and integrity to the world and still make you laugh?! I don't know how SMID can write any sort of trip report that would be at all interesting and coherent. For my part it went like...

Jenn showed up at the bagel shop with SMID in tow. After recovering from shock, I hugged her. And then we ate and talked until the waitress threatened to have us evicted because there were 6 groups lined up waiting for our table. Then I took them on a tour of some of my favorite quirky statues and monuments. And we walked and talked and walked and talked. They took a lot of pictures. I mean A LOT.

Then we went to my house for a cup of tea. And we talked. And then we went to the beach and they took a lot of pictures and we talked. And then we went to a restaurant and ate and talked. Then back to the beach and we looked at the stars and talked. And then I took them to Jenn's house and we talked and looked at some photos. And on Monday I met SMID at the airport and we talked until it was time for her to board her plane.

And when I say talked it also included laughing, giggling, teasing, anecdote telling, interrupting, talking over one another, sputtering and snorting laughter, family photo showing, gossiping, complimenting, complaining, a little moaning and bitching, interrogating, guffawing, chuckling, and lots of comments and high praise (at every opportunity and lull in the conversation) for Jenn's new boots (be sure and ask her about them!).

So when you see the photos and are all envious about the wonderful sightseeing tour she had, don't be fooled. It was a gabfest. It could have taken place anywhere. We were so tuned in to one another it is a wonder that any of the photos are in focus! We had a blast (yeah I know, I'm dating myself with that phrase)! I just hope it was worth the jet lag! And AG has earned himself demi-god status in my book.

Okay, now I want trip reports from other blogger meetings. And you can't fool me. Good food, wine, tasteful settings, exotic locations, none of it means anything when it comes to visiting with your friends!


soccer mom in denial said...

You know I'm having a hard time capturing all the wonderful things that happened during my whirlwind visit. I sure am glad you chronicled the conversations at chez FA before meeting me at the airport!! Those were a hoot.

Goofball said...

My only blogger meeting is described here:

so I think I need to get some more blogger meetings. hint hint.

anno said...

I love this bit of dialogue. Sounds like conversations we've had around here....

The blogger encounter sounds fabulous... I hope you don't mind if I'm a little bit envious. Maybe we'll have one of our sometime soon!

Leslie said...

I have yet to have a face to face blogger encounter. I had dreamed of going to the Blogher convention this year and meeting so many people I've gotten to know on-line, but with Lucy on the way, it might be a while before that happens.

I'm so glad you all enjoyed yourselves so much. I would have loved to have experienced it with you!