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Friday, February 22, 2008

25-year-old me would never imagine...

"5 Things I Never Pictured In My Future When I Was 25 Years Old."

Okay, I have been wanting to play Flashback Friday ever since CableGirl started it. But I have been having a hard time getting my mojo back and blogging more regularly. We seem to be operating in crisis mode around here much of the time, and I am tired of blogging about that. So I came across this meme when I was visiting Greeblemonkey and I thought I might combine the two..

"What would my 25 year old self be most surprised about?"

I am surprised to find how hard it was to answer this. I was a pretty astute 25 year old and kinda figured I would be married (again) and eventually have kids. I was communicating on the DARPANET (the US Defense Department Network that eventually became the Internet) with colleagues around the world, and not only about business, so while I did not necessarily predict blogging, it would have been a natural extension to my life back then.


1. I never expected I would be living in Europe. And I don't think I really knew where the Netherlands was! UK, France, Germany, Italy, yeah. But Netherlands-Belgium-Luxembourg (the call it Be-Ne-Lux for a reason) I would have been fuzzy on.

2. I never expected I would not always have a career. I had worked so hard on my degree and had plans to keep going (which I did). I was doing really great in a male-dominated field that was really taking off (early Silicon Valley days). And I just figured I would combine marriage and career and motherhood the way many women of my generation were already starting to do. And though I have really only been out of the career mode for less than 5 years, there are now some tax and insurance complications which make going back to work much less attractive financially, even though the kiddos are at a point where I could logistically swing it without too much disruption (or so I tell myself). But we sat down and did the numbers a couple of months ago and it would end up costing more if I went back part-time and it would only provide a small benefit if I went to work full-time. And quite frankly, it just is not worth it. So I am now in the process of mentally adjusting my self-image to one of no longer of being a career woman. And that is really something I never expected to do.

3. I never expected that music would no longer be a big part of my life. It was for so many years. It paid the grocery bills when I was in college. It was my social life when I was 25, playing groupie and roadie and back-up singer to a techno-pop band. And I was singing in the church choir on Sundays. Nowadays it is DD1 & DD2 who do most of the singing. And when the rare occasion occurs that the spirit moves me and I sing along with some of my favorites, they no longer sit enthralled but complain that the neighbors or their friends can hear and I am embarrassing them. (sigh)

4. I never expected I would be in such poor physical condition at this age. I had no idea that I would lead such a sedentary lifestyle playing chauffeur to kids. Plus the fibromyalgia has really put a cramp in my routine. I have a lot of work to do...

5. I never expected I would be known as the "Creative Mommy". My whole position has been that I am not about to spend the outrageous amounts for the pre-packaged parties and crafts when I can come up with something equivalent by using my imagination and what I could find on sale. And I figured out the trick to the fancy birthday cakes is extra icing (it covers a lot of errors). And now I find myself with the reputation as the Mom who throws the best birthday parties and I often get calls from desperate mothers who find out they cannot get the date they want for the pool/bowling center/tennis club/horse paddock or jungle gym, so what to do with a houseful of elementary school kids? Now if I was known as the "Cheap Mommy", that would not have been so unexpected!

Well I may be stretching the "Flashback" definition, but it really took me back to try and figure out how my perspective has changed. I promise to do better next time, but if you want to see how others have told some of their tales, check out 42 (she's a real hot number!!)


anno said...

What a great list! So when are we going to hear the stories about your life as a groupie/roadie/back-up singer? I think we need to know!

Robin said...

It's never too late to put some music back into your life.

Come visit Israel - I've got loads of musician friends who love to have new blood in the jam sessions.

Jenn in Holland said...

Hahaha! Cablegirl is a hot number!
And you are hilarious.
I too love the list and can't wait to hear more details on some of these things... really!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you played this week!

And you, you went comment crazy on my blog yesterday. lol

I agree with Anno, next week you should do your flashabck about "playing groupie and roadie and back-up singer to a techno-pop band"


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Very cool post and meme. I'm definitely going to have to try this, too.

And I second Anno in wanting to hear about that music career! ;-)

Goofball said...

this makes me wonder what I'd write in 10-20 years!

I think you should add music back though.

soccer mom in denial said...

I can't imagine you without a career either! However, you may want to make a business out of your Creative Mom skills. People pay a lot of $$$ here for help with birthday parties, etc.


Leslie said...

Yes, I think I HAVE to hear about the groupie/roadie/back up singer experiences. This is my formal request. Please tell us more about that!!!

Mom not Mum said...

What a great post. I need to pick up my blog and start running with it again - this might be a good one to start with. Hmmm I think my kids would call me "mean mommy".