Fourier Analysis is a mathematical tool which can do a number of things: separate out signals from noise; help identify patterns or trends in data; filter out all unwanted data and focus on a single signal; use approximations to make generalizations; make approximations of real world signals (think electronic music); combine harmonics to get a stronger signal. That's what I'll be trying to do here!! Won't you join me with your comments?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Never Give an English Pop Quiz on Valentine's Day

Pop Quiz: Answer the following question with as many appropriate adverbs or adverb phrases you can think of.

How do I love thee?

Answers: An awful lot, really, a hell of a lot, endlessly, joyously, very, more, sweetly, with every fiber of my being, more than I love Mimmaw and Pawpaw, soon, hugely, gladly, sleepily, immensely, tragically, more than anything in the whole world, loudly, silently, dearly, suspiciously, too, suddenly, absolutely, very much, daily, profusely, tomorrow, unexpectedly, happily, patiently, tenderly, greedily, recklessly, obnoxiously, swiftly, immeasurably, madly, kindly, angrily, nearly, rarely, enormously, endlessly, quite, far, passionately, infinitely, boldly, fabulously, oodles and boodles, defiantly, selfishly, a whole bunch, gracefully, a great deal, successfully, more than a warm bucket of spit, endearingly, smittenly, foolishly, more than a sharp stick in the eye, yearningly, almost, faithfully, exactly, carefully, bravely, adoringly, cautiously, sentimentally, quickly, repeatedly, deliberately, rapidly, overwhelmingly, safely, enthusiastically, doubtlessly, carelessly, wildly, easily, fondly, rightfully, unconditionally, politely, well, swiftly, promptly, doubtfully, seldom, shyly, lucidly, fiercely, smartly, elegantly, unbearably, sometimes, ardently, zealously, thoughtfully, wearily, speedily, awkwardly, roughly, seriously, even more than that, reverently, monstrously, silently, reluctantly, smoothly, perfectly, terribly, anxiously, horribly, often, painfully, stealthily, poignantly, quickly, tenderly, deeply, badly, devotedly, dangerously, weakly, weekly, too much, softly, solemnly, warmly, regularly, mysteriously, excessively, poorly, merrily, powerfully, truthfully, innocently, loudly, courageously, blindly, intensely, vehemently, sadly, frantically, sternly, vivaciously, fervently, not, hungrily, perfectly, stirringly, rudely, more than I can say, considerably, loyally, nervously, accidentally, truly, always, only.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Mariposa said...

Hahaha! That crack me up!

Happy Valentine's Day!

anno said...

breathtaking! and wonderful!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You are.... insane.

But in an insanely funny way! That was a groovy Valentine's Day gift and guffaw. Thank you!

Goofball said...

how long did you work on this post???

Fourier Analyst said...

Glad it tickled you. The whole idea did me too!!

Dear Anno,
Thanks! I did it more for fun than to impress!

You're welcome! Insanity is one of my specialities!

Dear Goofball,
The scary truth is how little time it took to do (half hour maybe) and how many adverbs I know without the dictionary/thesaurus!! My Mom's legacy I guess (she was and English teacher!).

Leslie said...

Aw, what a lovely Valentine post! It made my brain feel loved.