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Saturday, August 11, 2007

European Heaven & Hell

For today's first "Saturday Silliness", which replaces the "Sunday Funnies" I had started here and here, I continue my attempt to share with you some European humor and give you one of my favorite jokes about Europe. For those of you who have traveled here and are familiar with the stereotypes, you will really understand how funny (and true) this is. Others can hopefully appreciate some if not all of the characterizations.

The Difference Between a European Heaven and a European Hell:

In a European Heaven-
  • The French are the cooks,
  • The English are the police,
  • The Germans are the mechanics,
  • The Italians are the lovers and
  • The Swiss organize everything.

In a European Hell-
  • The English are the cooks,
  • The Germans are the police,
  • The French are the mechanics,
  • The Swiss are the lovers and
  • The Italians organize everything!

Happy Weekend!


anno said...

And now it's one of my favorite jokes, too! Thanks!

cathouse teri said...

That was darling! Cute silliness. :)

soccer mom in denial said...

Aside from being cute, silly and darling - it is TRUE!!

Now let's think of an American version:

In an American heaven -
* The New Orleanians are the cooks,
* The [stumped here - anyone NOT crooked?] are the police,
* The Seattle-ites program the computers,
* The [stumped again] are the lovers and
* The Canadians (get the joke - please) organize everything.

In an American Hell -
* The Yankees are the cooks,
* The New Orleanians are the police
* The Miamians (sp?) program the computers
* The [stumped] are the lovers and
* The [stumped] organize everything.

Fun, Fun.

Goofball said...

Right on!

Jen said...

This was not only funny, but contains some interesting... uh, cultural observations? Kinda sorta... stereotypical or not...