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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Placing the Blame!!

You know the ones we're talking about. Those bloggers with their memes, interviews, contests. You can't stop thinking about it. You keep on entering, or modifying your entry. You think about something else you want to say. You add to what you've written or submit another entry or find yourself tagged yet again for another meme. Or maybe it's a quiz that you can't stop taking. Or a post where the comments are fast and furious and you can't stop checking on what else someone else has said. Suddenly, you find that this whole theme has taken over your thoughts while riding or driving, your quiet time when you should be working, your dreams at night, your blog! We (a self-appointed committee of like-minded bloggers) decided it was time to give credit where it's due and have developed this very special "Blame It On THIS Blog!" Award.

The rules are simple.
1. Sometimes we all want to blame someone. If you know of a deserving blogger, please submit your nomination and reasons for placing the "Blame" to the Award committee: Jenn-in Holland, Soccer Mom In Denial, Jami and myself. No one wants to be "Blamed" for everything, so please limit your reasons for nominating to specific and deserving instances where "Blame" should be given. Recipients of the "Blame" will receive this cool button

they can display on their blog along with their "Mea Culpa" at their own convenience. The Award committee wants to remind all bloggers that they should not be discouraged if their nominee does not get an award the first time as there is plenty of "Blame" to go around and at any future time it may be deservedly placed!.

2. Anyone who has received the "Blame" is also free to pass it on to another blogger, once!

We hope all recipients of the "Blame" award will accept it in the humorous spirit in which is has been conceived!

And now to announce the recipient of this first award, jointly and unanimously determined by the committee:

Yes, Leslie had the brainstorm of "Haiku Buckaroo..." which took over our blogs and comments and literally drove us all crazy (along with many in our vicinity) over the last few weeks. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this "Blame" and am proud to pass it on to her. (Hope she learns her lesson, but it doesn't look promising...)

Congratulatios Leslie, show your button with pride.

Got anyone else you think deserves the "Blame"? Let us know!!


anno said...

Great idea! Now you've got me thinking.... (and don't warn me about the danger of working without tools).

Jenn in Holland said...

hehe. I like being in on a conspiracy. Feels like hanging with the cool kids...

Jen said...

Darn! I wanted to nominate Leslie! ;-)

Leslie said...

I am so accepting this blame. I'm preparing a speech...

Brillig said...

Like I told JiH, your committee is comprised of four of the most amazing women I e-know! Seriously, if someone had said, "pick four of your favorite bloggers and tell them to form a committee" this would have been the result. I can't wait to see what you ladies come up with next. I love this award, and the recipient most definitely deserves it!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

what a cute Idea!

Worker Mommy said...

I love the idea.

Hmmm I shall think about this and return.

Perhaps I should award you ladies with it because now I'll be preoccupied with thinking about who should get it.

Charity said...

Oh, I love it.

P.S. Thanks for the visit and reading my (very long) Airborne series.