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Friday, August 24, 2007

15 "DaddyBlogs" worth a visit

When I was organizing my bookmark folders, I realized that among all the "Mommy- blogs" that I read almost daily, I also have a number of "Daddy-blogs" that I also check out regularly. While I times the "testosterone levels" are a bit overwhelming, I still enjoy occasionally getting a view into their different perspectives. What is funny is that very few of these guys have "blogrolls" so it seems that they aren't interested in linking, etc.( I don't believe it as every good blogger wants to share their thoughts!) As I have recently come across a number that caused me to giggle or gasp in admiration, thought I would share them for this week's list:

1. & 2. The View From Here and Real Dads, both by the (in)famous Gunfighter, as macho as they come with his crime-fightin' self, he's a real softie at heart and a conscious and concerned father. The first blog he addresses many other topics than fatherhood, but his family still makes it into this blog on a regular basis. The second is an unabashed celebration of fatherhood.

3. Dad Gone Mad I sympathize with this guy's wife in a lot of his blogs. I read his male perspective and know that she is just shaking her head in frustration. But it does make for a good laugh, especially his solo-Daddy adventures.

4. My Grimm Reality The flip side to Leslie's My Mommy's Place , Dave's blog often tells the same story but from his perspective. You just know that if they don't manage to drive each other crazy, they have a fun marriage! He also does some great takes on fatherhood.

5. Greg's Random Bits Often more about his personal views than family issues, but still he demonstrates a middle-aged father's perspective on a number of issues.

6. View From the Cloud Another Dad's perspective on life, this time refreshingly G-rated, with the effects of the defective X-chromosome that make it so funny for Mom's to read.

7. Riley Central Not only a Dad, but also an elementary school teacher, Damien's better half also has a great MommyBlog Party of Five.

8. Chocolate Makes It Better You gotta love a guy who uses this as his blog tittle! It let's you overlook the swearing!

9. Dadcentric Not just one, but a group of Dad's. Makes for a real wide range of topics especially as they seem to try and one-up one another (as men do...)!

10. MetroDad A serious NYC-er, which means his world is several dimensions away from anything I've ever known. But his angst and frustrations are still things I can relate to and he is funny!

11. Where boys Fear to Tread A stay-at-home Dad's perspective. Most of his comments are from other Dad's, many of them only 1 or 2 words! Viva la difference!

12. Pirate Papa A true anarchist with some interesting views. At times the "pirate style" can be a bit over the top, but it's still a good read!

13. An Open Letter writes an open letter to his son Michael. Touching, funny, slice-of-life moments. (I started journals to my daughters years ago along the same lines, but didn't get past age 4 with either of them.)

14.Dad Daily is a social network where a number of Dads submit blogs. It is generally pretty G-rated and has different member groups. What I like best is the variety of topics that are written about.

15.DadLabs This site has various videos by Dads. Some are really hilarious and a level above YouTube as there seems to be little men like better than playing with their high-tech toys. It's nice to know that even SuperDad has his troubles!

As I often just lurk and don't comment, a few of these fellas may be surprised at their inclusion here. If they check Technorati then I have just outed myself (Hi guys!). Or if you visit and leave a comment, tell them I said "Hello"!

For other Friday Fifteen lists, please visit links available from this site:


Jen said...

What a GREAT idea! I'm excited to check out these blogs - I only know Greg and Grimm...

I wasn't feeling multiple today, so I did Friday's Feast instead of the fifteen, lol...

Csara said...

pretty cool idea! I will definitely check out all the dads. It's always nice to see their perspectives.

Leslie said...

Hey - thanks for the link to Dave (and me!). He's going to be thrilled.

I've read a few of the other blogs on your list. I'll have to check out the ones that are new to me.

Oh, and if I can suggest a link: Daddy Forever. He's a very funny, just a tad off-center and definitely G-rated. I wish he posted more often!

anno said...

FA, I look forward to your lists and recommendations... always great new places to explore!

JennieBoo said...

I don't believe they're enough "Daddy blogs" out there.

Kudos to you for listing them!

Happy weekend!

Grimm said...

Thank you so very much for putting me on your list!

I apologise that you came to visit me during my "busy" spell, but I will back to blogging as of this evening!

BTW this is Leslie's husband Dave aka Grimm.

Thank you very very much

Grimm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenn said...

I LOVE Dad Gone Mad. I think the man is hilarious. :)

Gunfighter said...

Thanks for the nice words, FA!

Now I have all of this pressure... I have to be interesting now.


Damien Riley said...

Hi there! That was so nice of you to link my wife and I. Being a Dad is a lot of ups and downs . . . mostly ups now. My kids are the best! Thanks again, hope to see you around.

Jeff said...

I noticed you put me on your blogroll a few weeks ago (thank you!). Since I'm a huge astronomy wannabe, I've been stopping back ever since. Now, thanks to you again, I'm going to run off and download Google Sky!

sky said...

thanks for the link and shout out

am i really over the top? are you referring to something specific?

oh! my wounded pirate pride!