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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

8 interesting things (Meme)

I was tagged some time back for this meme. I am not really a "player" and most of my blogfriends have either already played this a number of times or not players either. So I am being arbitrary and refuse to tag anyone. (Maybe this is why my sandbox is so empty?!). But as I am in the current mode of disclosure on "Soap Opera Sundays", I thought I would go ahead an play this meme. It is supposed to be "8 interesting facts about yourself". I'm not sure if these are really interesting, but I consider them "chinks in my armor". For those of you who know me in person, you may be in for a few surprises (eg. I am not all that perfect and I actually know it!)

1) I overuse my favorite punctuation mark, the elipsis mark(...) which I use to signal a pause or a deliberately unfinished sentence. It just seems to fit how my brain works...!

2) I am on my second marriage. First one was when I was 19 (first indication that I wasn't in my right mind) and the wedding was held 3 days after the decision to marry was made (second indication), and was immediately followed by a move to California where I was not legally an adult (this was one of the reasons we decided to get married). The real proof however that I was not in my right mind is that it occurred while I was still suffering from the after effects of a double concussion and was not completely over the traumatic amnesia that came with it. For full disclosure, see this post!

3) The first marriage I was a battered wife. For full disclosure of this, watch for an upcoming "Soap Opera Sunday" post!

4) I have a phobia about spiders. I'm talking the screaming terrors. I have learned to remain relatively calm around "Daddy long-legs", meaning that I can stay in the same room with them as long as the room is not too small, the door remains open, and the spider doesn't move. Otherwise, like my reaction to all other spiders, I run terrified and screaming. My pulse rate shoots up so high that it is a wonder I don't go into fibrillation on the spot. The adrenalin aftershock following an encounter is so strong that I will literally shake uncontrollably. I cannot even stand to look at pictures of spiders. And I consider it a feat of real bravery that I was able to read aloud "Charlotte's Web" to my daughter's class, though admittedly it was only one-two chapters per week! I have not and likely will not see the movie.

5) I have fibromyalgia. It took years, countless doctor visits, enough blood samples to satisfy a vampire, and serious thoughts of suicide before I ever got a diagnosis. But there is no cure and few medications that help. Only relief I have found has been in regular, controlled, exercise, 3 times a week, 3 hours a session. But when I am in a "flare" I can hardly move which leads to a vicious cycle.

6) I have not been exercising regularly due to a cycle of flares (part of the reason I started blogging). At times I can hardly move and even typing is a struggle. This week my left hand is acting up and I can't believe all the typos (please forgive those I haven't caught).

7) When I am struggling with the pain, depression and tiredness that typically accompany a flare, I sabotage myself even further with my eating habits. I'm just too tired and lethargic to cook and resort to fast foods, junk foods and even drive-thru. And I supplement these with Coca-cola (can't get good Dr. Pepper here) and chocolate in various forms. I know better, but at times am just out of control and don't care. It just hurts.

8) As a result of no regular exercise, #7 above, and the fluid retention that is another symptom of the disease, I have gained over 5 kilos in the last 3 months. I may actually weigh more than my husband, but please don't tell him that. But the good news is that I have made a start at exercising again, am eating better (hubby has cooked the last week) and I hope I can get back into my routine.

So that's fulfilled (somewhat) my meme obligation with the exception of passing it on. As I said, I am not a good player. But if you want to play, even if you want to do a modified version, then consider yourself tagged! Let me know if you are playing and I will link to your post!


soccer mom in denial said...

I too am a meme avoider.

My adoration of you continues to grow. AND you use the elipsis mark. I LOVE the elipsis mark!!

anno said...

My theory is that all good writers form strong attachments to specific punctuation marks. I LOVE the ellipsis, too... and exclamation marks!

Three hours of exercise at a time sounds pretty intense, and a pretty intense commitment, too. What do you do?

This was a wonderful list -- thanks so much for posting this.

Brillig said...

Lots of interesting stuff in this!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of your Soap Opera Sunday story. I'm bracing myself, because it does not sound happy at all. Still, I'm intrigued.

I'm rather attached to the ellipsis myself...

Worker Mommy said...

Lovin the ellipsis mark (although sadly I didn't know it's name until now).

Wow, Ms. Analyst you certainly have an interesting life. Glad your first marriage is over and VERY glad you got out safely.
I'm interested (and terrified) to read your post.

Real Life Drama Queen said...

Wow.. very interesting list. I am glad you did as well. I tend to over use a period.


Jen said...

This was a very brave, honest post. It's hard to write like that and open up - bravo!

I love the ellipsis, too - much to the chagrin of my writers group, lol.

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, too!

Fourier Analyst said...

You guys make doing a meme like this one worthwhile! Thanks for reading and commenting! It inspires me get out of bed, even when I'm not really feeling up to it.

Jenn in Holland said...

Darling, your life is an ellipsis mark...
as is mine...