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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Back and Blogging!!

Yes, we got back Thursday and I have spent some of my computer time just reading and commenting on the blogs I have missed. Gosh some of you have been quite busy. There are all these contests I could have entered, and a couple I will consider entering, and of course I have encountered an old addiction to the haiku that I have to battle to keep it from taking over my life, conversation, commenting, etc. What has been so nice is to find that I have been missed! And also mentioned a couple of times as well as given this award:

by Jenn-in-Holland and Jen ! Thanks to all for the linky love!!

Vacation was definitely a time to think about what I want to write in this blog. And I realize I have a confession to make...this year marked the half-century anniversary of my birth. The party I threw for myself is worth its own blog entry which will come at a later date. But I confess this only as part of the realization that it is time to start dealing with some things that have been buried for 30-odd years. Yes it is time to grow up and do some "soul-cleaning". So while I am also busy sorting out the detritus of everyday life, I also am composing in my mind various entries that will be put up for examination in the harsh light of public display, and then emotionally discarded for good. It's time to let go of the pain that some of these things still are enshrouded in, sweep away the cobwebs of denial and emotional dust that has gathered upon them, allow what useful lessons that can be learned to be recycled by others, and let go. Easier said than done I'm afraid, but that is my plan.

And so it is time to announce a "Programming Change". Very conveniently, one of my good blogfriends and her best bud have started "Soap Opera Sunday". As much of what I have to "dispose" of fits very well into this dramatic category, I will be moving the "Sunday Funnies" to "Saturday Silliness" and introducing this new program. While Sunday will then deal with the past dramas, I am keeping "Monday Memories" to chronicle events leading to my current "lifestyle". And of course because I like the challenge there will still be "Friday Fifteen". The remainder of my blog entries will include regular astronomy and science features as well as rants and chronicles of the daily chaos that is my life. So if you don't want drama, heartbreak, and true confessions, skip this blog on Sundays!

What I have enjoyed about blogging is that this style of writing seems to organize the fractal chaos of my consciousness, putting it into patterns that even strangers can identify and admire. While, dear readers, I don't expect any of you to enjoy this experience as much as I have, I do hope you find something worth your time in reading this blog and I value all your comments and feedback.

Speaking of feedback, did anyone see the meteor shower I told you about? The weather conditions at our vacation location were too cloudy and rainy to allow for any star-gazing, leading of course to DD1's complaints that she didn't get to use her telescope and DH's complaints about having to drag the damn thing to Germany and back without it being used. As if the weather was my fault. But of course, I am the Mommy...

Otherwise, I did get through most of my vacation goals, including increasing my exercise. Actually I had no choice as the house we were in was at the top of a steep hill (18 degree grade at one point) and the pool, market, parking lot, etc. were all at the bottom. I went up and down at least twice a day. By the end of the week it was easier, but still worth some complaint.

But it is good to be back. Now 4 more weeks of kids at home and the back to school. I think I need to lay down now.


anno said...

Clouds interfered with our ability to see the meteor shower as well. Doesn't seem fair to have clouds without rain, but there you have it. As has been said before: life's not fair.

It is good to see you back & blogging!

Jen said...

It's wonderful to see you back! And no, we couldn't see it as it turns out. And I think it's important to use your blog for whatever you want to.;-)