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Sunday, December 23, 2007

In Search of my Inner Elf...

I am really not ready for Christmas this year. Oh the presents have been bought and mostly wrapped. The tree is decorated and we have a few lights up in the kitchen and decorations placed around. I have put Christmas cards through the mailbox, and survived the various holiday events at the kids' schools. Christmas music has been on the stereo since Thanksgiving. But still I am feeling like the Grinch.

I look at my list and realise that yet again the Christmas newsletter to friends and family has not been written to go into the cards. And though I got away with the joke of "Merry Christmas, er...oops!" in the Easter greetings once, really it is not even funny anymore. And when so much of the news is bad you don't even feel like talking about it for fear that it will be such a depressing missive that no one wants to read this time of year. So how do I explain all this in the short note included in the Christmas greetings? (sigh) Go to the next item on the list.

Christmas baking has never been my forte. Okay, baking and cooking are not skills I brag about. I am great at chemistry, which generally prevents any major disasters in the kitchen. But it is not something I do for fun. However, my children love it and I have made the preparations, but still the spirit has not moved me. Besides, I insist that the house be thoroughly cleaned prior to taking on a task which itself will require a major clean-up. So that's what I have been working on all day. Now I am to tired to take on such a major task so maybe it will be something for tomorrow. Back to the list.

Christmas crafts. This was started at the beginning of December, and some cards and decorations were made. But it hardly puts a dent in supplied I have collected and really the kids got on with it by themselves without me having to do more than referee and nag about clearing up. However, since then they have hardly touched the stuff and now I am making the "Tired Mommy" decision and relegating all the supplied back to the storage from whence they came. Finally, something I can check off the list! But of course not without some twinge from a guilty conscience.

Delivering presents round to friends. Now this is something I can get into a bit. Unfortunately as I must drive, I don't get to partake of the wine/eggnog/gluhwein etc. But I can share in the fellowship and I find this does start to thaw the winter chill that seems to have taken over my mood. For some reason this year everyone seems to be tired and run-down. We all joke and moan and commiserate. And I get fussed at for breaking the promises we made not to do any gifts. But I had to do one basket for a friend and it was just easy to go ahead and do 5. And yes, I got a bit carried away and seemed to find the perfect little something that made each gift personalized. But it was the only fun I had in terms of buying for Christmas so all the recipients laugh and grudgingly accept that this was "therapy" of the retail nature and all is forgiven.

There it is. The spirit of giving. That's what has begun to revive the memories of merriment. The thaw in my heart has begun and I am starting to relax. Now may be the time to get out the DVD of "A Christmas Carol" and gather the family round. I might even get a few cards written while settled on the couch in front of the TV.

It won't be a big family holiday, but a small one with hubby and the kids. And in the evening of the 25th we will get together with friends and their kids and the accompanying chaos. On the 26th we will travel to Germany for a visit with in-laws, returning in time to celebrate the New Year with other friends and of course fireworks. The weather has thus far co-operated with some lovely cold days and spectacular frosting of trees and plants, although very little snow has covered the ground and the roads have not been too bad for driving.

I shouldn't complain but I do. It has been a hard year. And the coming one promises to start with further difficulties. Still I have good friends and good blog-friends and that is really what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you too can find your "Inner Elf" and enjoy the holiday as it is really meant to be celebrated, in the love and warmth of good company, friendship and affection. And here's hoping that the New Year brings joys to temper the sorrows, warmth to ease the coldness that seeps in from the dark corners of the world and hope that somehow in some small way we can all help to make things better.



Goofball said...

Dear FA,

I know the last weeks have been quite tough. I know that you are dealing with far more issues than anyone should.

and you are right: setting up a Christmas tree does not make a good Christmas. Making crafts does not necessarily get us in the mood.

But it seems that you are going to be surrounded with dear family during those holidays. I wish you all the inner peace in the coming weeks and all the warmth you wish far.

Have some great holidays!

anno said...

Dear FA, This is a tough season, with too many demands and unrealistic expectations (curse you, Martha Stewart!), and a season designed to make anyone with difficult concerns feel worse for being unable to participate. The only sane response is to only do those things that make you feel better... a course you have already found with the gift baskets you've made and delivered. You have fortunate friends, and I feel fortunate to have met you.

I hope you find comfort and peace this Christmas... and better times in 2008.

Mariposa said...

Agree with you...things had not been so easy anywhere with anyone I guess, but they're all just minor bumps...and Christmas has come! Nothing delays it...LOL

Merry Christmas to you and your family and loved ones...wish you all the joy and peace.


Greg said...

Here's hoping that you find some peace today and that it stays with you through your difficulties. Blessings to you today and throughout the coming new year.

david santos said...

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I hope that things get much, much easier soon, and that your inner elf managed to come to the fore. And you need to stop beating yourself for lost list items. Everyone will do better if you can rest a bit yourself. Said with love and hugs. I hope that 2008 completely trumps 2007 for joy over hardships.

Leslie said...

Well, Christmas has come and gone. I hope you found your inner elf and had a splendid holiday!

Wholly Burble said...

I hope this note finds you on the other side of the holiday and doing better, feeling better.

May you have peace and joy to end this year and begin 2008 with great expectations.

soccer mom in denial said...

Considering my mother compared me to her dead alcoholic mean mother on Christmas eve, I'm starting to not enjoy the holidays either.

But the kids had a good time so I just need to focus on them.


Jenn in Holland said...

Hang in there baby... almost to the NEW year!
call me when you get home?

Virtualsprite said...

Oh, sweetie... I hope next year goes better. I can completely understand, though. The Christmas spirit didn't come to Wisconsin this year either. :-)

Keep your chin up and I hope everyone gets better soon.

Jenn in Holland said...

Something for you at my place today...

Goofball said...

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good start, a good deep fresh breath at the start of the new year, a pile of new energy and much less worries!