Fourier Analysis is a mathematical tool which can do a number of things: separate out signals from noise; help identify patterns or trends in data; filter out all unwanted data and focus on a single signal; use approximations to make generalizations; make approximations of real world signals (think electronic music); combine harmonics to get a stronger signal. That's what I'll be trying to do here!! Won't you join me with your comments?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Missing... Action
Sorry. It has been hectic. It has been stressful. And to top it off I have only just gotten over a 10-day fibromyalgia headache. Not only did I not feel like moaning about it, but looking at the computer screen only made it worse, so I haven't even been lurking. Reading e-mails was about all I could possibly manage. Replying was often too much. I will soon do so to those of you who sent personal queries about my absence. I am better now. Not 100%, but better.

...all the Fun.
Reading was not much better. And my brain was so fried that I found I could hardly remember what I had just read. The only good side is that I get to catch up on all the lovely book reports about the Day to Read that was the brainstorm of the lovely SMID. I owe her one and feel very jealous that I could not take part. But I am sure there will be a next time.

...the Point.
Blogging is something that had become part of my daily routine. And I had some specific things that are close to my heart that I wanted to write about. But somehow I have gotten sidetracked by, well...Life, that thing that happens while we are busy making other plans. I am hoping that things will settle down a bit soon and I can again address some of my favorite topics like science, astronomy, and various ways to make sense of all the chaos around us!

Well actually, many links. Singular Saturday. Soap Opera Sunday. Music Monday. Day to Read. And so many fun memes, awards, interviews, challenges, questions,... (sigh). I need to get back into this, but am afraid I will have to do it slowly. And I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

...all of You.
Thanks for the lovely e-mails. It is nice to be missed but I do feel somewhat guilty for not replying sooner. I feel a bit disconnected and kinda lost, but I am confident that as soon as I start reading and commenting I will also be hearing back from you all.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It's good to see you check in. I hope you feel much, much better.

anno said...

FA, it's so good to see this today. I've missed your stories, your jokes, and your observations on science and the stars, but I know this has been a time to take care of your family and to take a little care for yourself as well.

Rest yourself, and mend. We will be here when you're ready to return.

Wholly Burble said...

SO pleased to see you writing again. Take care of yourself, and ease back into the blogosphere as you feel you can. I'm praying all the ills are behind you, and the sun is shining ahead of you.

Goofball said...

Good to see you again online. Take it easy!

Jenn in Holland said...

Well, I only forgive you if now that you feel better you will come to mine for a cup of tea.
And lots and lots of gab.

I adore you.

Robin said...

I'm glad you're feeling well enough to come back now. You've been missed.

How is your daughter doing? I've been thinking and worrying about her as I watch my own daughter struggle with her own (completely different) issues.

Jenn said...

oh, sorry you've been feeling off - 10 day headaches just can't be good. I snooped through a few of your previous posts and I echo robin, hoping that all is going well with your daughter.

Jami said...

I'm SO sorry you felt bad and very happy that you're feeling better! Take it slow and easy - we'll be here.

On another front, did you make it to the child psych and if so, how did the appointment go?

Leslie said...

I'm glad you're feeling well enough to post! You've been missed, but are worth the wait.