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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Me, me, meme! (III)

I am not very good at the "Meme" games that you find on many blogs. In fact I still owe Robin of Around the Island one from way back in August (I didn't forget!). But as I have been struggling with so much drama on the homefront that I've already blogged about, and I am a bit at a loss for my usual enthusiasm and inspiration, this meme from The Real Life Drama Queen hit me at just the right moment, so here goes:

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits/secrets about themselves.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

My Facts:

1. I have trouble accepting compliments. My first reaction is to deny whatever nice thing is being said about me and provide ample evidence to the contrary. In fact that was originally what this blog was going to be about. You see Jen in MI of A2eatwrite awarded me this lovely blog-bling:

with the comment "...for her comforting words and loving demeanor and her use of "Darling" in her comments! And also for her courage in sharing difficult times with us through her blog and showing us that there are many routes in life and we can overcome adversity."

I wanted to tell her how wrong she is and what a true b**ch I can be. But then I know also how hard I am on myself and that the best thing to do when you get a compliment is to beam and blush and say "Thank You". So I am doing my best to beam and blush and overcome my dig-my-toe-in-the-ground, "Aw shucks" reaction. Thanks so much Darlin' Jen! It does make me feel a wee bit special to get such lovely bling and I will do my best to live up to it. And also a "Thank You" to Anno as I just know she was thinking of me for this award as well! I can only say "back at'cha " ladies!

And now the good part where I get to name some of my nicest blogging buddies, only...most of them have already been named by someone else. Fortunately, a few could stand to be named again so I award:

Rebecca James, my lovely Ozzie blogbuddy who is so nice that she can't even be rude when it is absolutely called for (see this post)!

Robin of Around the Island, a blogbuddy in Israel who is so nice about all her frustrations as a Mom that she puts my rants to shame. She is a wonderful example of what I try (but often fail) to live up to. She has great suggestions and links as well and is a truly fun read.

And my lovely "southern" neighbour at Goofballsworld as she is always leaving such funny, encouraging comments and I am dying to meet her in person someday!

2. While I pride myself on being a bit of an egghead intellectual with respect to my sense of humour, I have a very silly weakness for ... "light bulb" jokes! I collect them! I think they are hysterical. For instance: How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but it takes her a lot of money and a long time and the light bulb really has to want to change. How many Zen Buddhists does it take to change a light bulb? Two, one to change the bulb and one not to change the bulb! Oh I could go on, and I probably will in another post!

3. I have small feet. I wear size 5 1/2 shoes. In Europe this is size 35-36. Problem is adult shoe sizes over here start at size 36-37. I have to look for shoes in the children's departments. Last year I found a great pair of boots that were very reasonably priced and comfortable and fit me well. I almost bought them, until I realized that just above the ankle was an emblem of a bunny! (sigh)

4. I (almost) have "absolute pitch". Almost, because to have true absolute pitch you need to start training very early on to be able to determine whether a note is a half tone sharp or flat and be able to sing any note that is requested on command. I started training in high school when my choir teacher discovered this. But at age 15-16 I found this really boring and did not continue. While this ability is great when you are in the musical world and can make some use of it, it is at times a pain in the "real" world. You cannot imagine the number of times I have had to run from the room or hit the off/mute button on the Radio/TV. There are some pop songs and singers that I just cannot stand to listen to, and unfortunately they seem to be some of the more popular ones. And it took me a long time to understand why the London Philharmonic Orchestra version of a classical piece appeals to me less than the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra version. Turns out the British tune their orchestra (you know when the first chair violinist plays a note that everyone then plays on their instrument when they are first starting) to a different note (A4 = 440 Hz) from the Germans (A4 = 446 Hz). While either tuning system is perfectly acceptable, and the musical performances are both equally good, the British orchestra just sounds "wrong", not flat or sharp, but not "right". And it bugged me for years before I learned what the difference is. Now I can listen to their recordings and know that it is "okay" and still enjoy the music (After all, we're talking about only 6 Hz difference here!). But I still prefer performances by the German orchestra and other orchestras that have the same tuning. Weird I know, picky, nonsensical. Just one of the little quirks in my life.

5. I have a "somewhat" photographic memory. I can't tell you verbatim what is written on a page or what page it is on, but I can tell you about where something is in a book or magazine (front, middle, back) and on a page (top, bottom, middle) and if there is a photograph or drawing nearby. It has never really helped me in school as I don't have the true recall that will tell me exactly what information is written. Just a vague collection of content and where it is located. It does at times help when I am searching for something I have read, but otherwise is basically a useless ability. Like number 4 above. Weird, and somehow gives me the impression that I am second- or third-best in a category but not really good at anything!

6. I am lousy at names and worse a remembering numbers. At least in terms of brain-vocal connection. However, I can remember a phone number by how it sounds when I dial it and sometimes my hand knows it even when my "brain" doesn't. For instance, I can dial some frequent numbers on the phone without looking. But I cannot possibly tell you what number I have just dialed. And I can hear when I have mis-dialed a number. Another almost useless ability. (sigh)

Now this actually not the first time I have played this kind of game. So if you really are interested in knowing more about my "strangeness", hop on over to this early post from my very first meme, or this one where I do 8 more "interesting" things! I do think the first one has some of my best answers! (Snort Warning! Do not eat or drink around the computer while reading this post!!) And that's it guys. I'm telling you I'm not that interesting!! Don't ask me to do this again!! But I do know a couple of folks who are very interesting and as they are also playing "NaBloPoMo" they might can use this as a(n) substitute excuse for inspiration:

My great friend Jenn-In-Holland at Something to Say... who is welcome to substitute interesting photos for facts if she wants!! Same challenge to her partner-in-blog (check out their Looking Into photoblog) Allison at Soccer Mom In Denial. And another of my favorite writers, who doesn't usually do memes but could use the excuse as a personal favor to me, is our lovely SOS originator 'Twas Brillig.


Rebecca said...

thankyou, Rebecca. You are very kind to me. Although I have to wonder if my apparent 'niceness' might not just be a lack of assertiveness sometimes!

And your small feet? Sounds very handy for buying cheap(er) kids shoes! - As long as you can find some without bunny rabbits or love hearts all over them.

Goofball said...

Hey sweet FA!

Thank you so much for your great comments about me. I am very honored that you have bestowed me with that button.

and what did I do? well I was so proud and excited that I stopped reading any further and went to update my blog :p...I guess I have no difficulty in accepting a compliment. hihi.

but look...I returned and read the remainder of your post ;). And it was well wearth it, you surely have some interesting skills. remind me that I never ever invite you to a concert of the choir I am in ;).
I think your point 6 is linked to your ability to hear the absolute pitch. I can't tell how jealous that makes me. I have played the flute for over 10 years and got a fairly ok level. And yet i cannot tune myself. I feel like a failure as a musician if I can't tune myself...I guess I am just an executer. :(

Oh and please promise to post some more of your light bulb jokes. they are histerical and I don't know them!

Oh and I think that in belgium size 35-36 might exist in shoes...Belgians aren't as tall as the Dutch, right?

take care!!

Robin said...

Wow, thank you. For the award, but even more for your kind words. I'm really touched.

PS I owe you a meme too (the book one) - it's on my "once my parents leave and my life returns to something resembling normal" list.

PPS I too played flute for many years and could never manage to tune myself. More than that, so many of my musician friends are able to play by ear, what I would give for perfect pitch... (or for that matter even a barely competent singing voice)

Brillig said...

I'm so completely jealous of your #4. That's awesome! I have trained vocally for year and years and... okay, all my life. But I wasn't born with that ear, and I've always been extremely jealous of people who have it. So COOL!

And thanks for the tag. You're right, I don't typically do meme's, not even as personal favors (though if I made an exception, I'd make it for YOU!) BUT! You have an excellent point that with this frickin' brackin' NaBloPoMo crap I could easily run out of material, and in the likelihood that that happens, I'll have your Meme as my back-up plan! I'm sure I'll use it sometime before the month is over. Thanks again for thinking of me!!!

Adventures In Waitressing said...

I knew I choose you for a good reason. You truely have some interesting facts. I too don't take compliments well. I am always like yeah right. Very interesting about the pitch though. Very unique.

The Real Life Drama Queen

Virtualsprite said...

How strange... I'm far more comfortable tuning to A440 than A446. I have absolute pitch, but it's really a curse. Especially in performing groups because no one is ever really in tune. Relative pitch is so much more useful.

Very interesting facts... glad you did the meme!

soccer mom in denial said...


And I, along with everyone else, love your #4. Perfect pitch, while amazing, must also be very painful when the music is off-key.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...
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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

FA, we all are beotches from time to time - it's part of being a woman in today's world, I think, and I still absolutely stand by your niceness bling! ;-)

And I feel for you in terms of the perfect pitch, I watched one of my fave former students struggle and struggle with this over the years during school concerts, musicals, music classes, etc. It's a blessing which is also a curse, I guess.

anno said...

Perfect pitch? I am in awe.

And more light bulb jokes please oh please oh please!

Leslie said...

My grandmother wears a size 5 shoe. She also shops in the kids department, which I just love to tease her about!

Siri said...

First time here and Nice Meme!


Alex Elliot said...

I enjoyed reading your meme. I have the memory thing too.