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Monday, September 3, 2007

What Did You Learn...?

Ah, back to school...and the inspiration to today's Monday Memories.

When I was first going to school, there was no kindergarten or pre-school program that made for an easy transition into the education system. My parents impressed upon me that I should pay attention and work hard. And when my Daddy arrived home that evening, he asked me "What did you learn in school today?" I did not have an answer for him, and did not realize that he was teasing me a little bit. But still he said, well, I want you to think about it and tell me tomorrow what you have learned.

So the next day I was trying to figure out just what I was supposed to be learning. But as it was a bit chaotic with everyone being assigned desks and materials and books and being tested on how much they can read and write, there were not real lessons. When my Daddy go home he first asked me about what we did. I told him about my desk and where I was sitting and the books I received. And then he asked me "What did you learn in school today?" I had to think a minute, but this time I had an answer," I learned how to stand in line!"

He laughed and laughed at my answer, he was so surprised. And this tale has been told through the years to all school age children in the family!


Mom not Mum said...

LOL And THAT is exactly why I could never teach kindergarten. Pass me the kids that KNOW how to stand in line already - they might not DO it but they know what a line is.

anno said...

I'm laughing, too. At the Steiner kindergarten my daughter attended, the teachers considered learning how to walk in a line -- holding hands -- an important part of the process of becoming a group.

I liked the school, but none of our family was ever very good at staying in line.

Virtualsprite said...

I'm laughing... espeically since tomorrow is the Ubergoober's first day of preschool. I will remind him of this lesson!

Rebecca said...

Isn't it funny what a diificult questiuon that is to answer, though? I ask my kids everyday 'what did you do today? what did you learn?" They never really have an answer - in fact I think they find the question quite irritating.

jennifer said...

I love that. I'll ask my kids the same question tonight... put them on the hotseat.
I think it would be quite enlightening if someone asked me the same!

Jen said...

The sad part, a bit, though, is that there is way too much emphasis on learning that these days, I think.

It's a great story, though!

And glad you were learning something

Jeff said...

I wonder how my kajillion times that question has been asked to children over the years, and how many of those times the answer was simply "I dunno, not much."

At least that's the answer I always gave to my parents. ;b

soccer mom in denial said...

There are a few countries that could stand to learn how to stand in line. Could you teach them?

Leslie said...

Ha ha. Very cute. Julia is learning to stand in line in ballet class. It's not as easy as it might seem!

One of Julia's friends started preschool recently. I asked him what he learned there the other day. He told me, "The teacher said NO THROW ROCKS, WESLEY!"

Adventures In Waitressing said...

That is an adorable story.